The two-week caffeine drip

Dear Max

I’m sorry that you won’t see much of me for the next two weeks. See, we’re putting our Feb issue of the mag to bed in a week and a half. That’s a fricking miniscule week and a half when we usually have around four so I’ll be working a little harder and longer. My face has broken out in teenage acne, I’m drinking lots of tea and Coke Lite for energy, and am dosing up on ResQ Remedy.  I am a bit stressed (read: I wonder how the hell we’re going to pull it off) I promise to bring home the occasional nappy for you to try, and new toys/products if I get any. I know you don’t understand it yet, but there are perks to my job, and even though you get the nappies/toys/butt cream regardless, we sometimes get to try them for free, leaving me and Dad a bit more cash to spend on Very Important Things – like Hello Kitty swag for me, boring archery stuff for him, iPad apps, and iTunes downloads of Glee.

I can’t wait to be on holiday soon where I can spend all the days with you reading, watching Glee, having picnics, swimming and chasing after you as you try “post” our phones in inappropriate places around the garden.



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6 responses to “The two-week caffeine drip”

  1. Thulane says :

    This is so cute. Welcome to blogosphere!

  2. Ang says :

    Love it! Had to laugh when I saw the auto generated related posts: Re-evaluating goals, health issues and …have issues.

  3. Tahra says :

    Aah Tanya, dont worry before you know it the Feb issue will be put to bed and you will be able to spend all that precious time with Max. I feel the same way about having to leave Troy to his own defenses but they will survive and love us no matter what 🙂

  4. Sharon says :

    Hey T!
    Who did the photo’s of Max? They are FABULOUS!
    Oh, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

  5. charne says :

    yeah I LOVE these photos who did them?

  6. tanyakov says :

    Hi, the photographer is Vanessa Grobler – she is awesome, and is hopefully going into mom/kid photography fulltime next year (she is a freelance magazine/agency photographer). Her email address in case you’re interested is

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