The people’s baby

Dear Max

Yesterday morning we went for a little walk around the block as you were a bit bored since you’d been up since 5am and there are only so many toys, games of peekaboo and cupboards and make-up bags for you to unpack. As we were making our way back home, a security guard from our road said “Hi Max” and you gave him a big grin. Aside from the fact that everyone in the ‘hood seems to know you, you’re a pretty friendly chap.

For instance, you don’t mind who you go to, or who you’re left with – you’re chilled, and honestly seem to like whoever you come across. A lot of people get a bit nervous when they take you in their arms, fearing that you’ll start crying or wanting to get away. But you won’t. You’re cool that way – relaxed and trusting of people and new faces/experiences (which might just freak me out in a few years’ time, but I’ll deal with that then). A few months ago, I brought you to work for the morning for our Living and Loving shoot, and I left you down with my colleagues who were “strangers” to you, and left to have my hair and makeup done. Aside from the fact that they really are nice and warm people, you were so happy to be in a new environment and with fresh faces – not a bit of anxiety or unhappiness. And this makes me happy – as much as I love being at the top of the pecking order at home, and appreciate the way babies consider their parents to be central to their world, I am relieved that you are taking so much else in, and getting the best out of other people.

You’re only a little dude, but I’m learning from you all the time. Your attitude is “I dig new peeps – they’re fun and kind, and until they prove otherwise, I’ll continue giving them smiles and hugs”. That’s special.


PS: Just a reminder that socialising is very hard work. Last night you wouldn’t go to sleep caus you wanted to hang out with your uncle and aunt, and by the time you got into your cot we dragged you to your cot, you were overtired, and crying so hard I thought all your pals in the neighbourhood would hear.


One response to “The people’s baby”

  1. charne says :

    LOVE this pic of Max!

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