The kid in me

Dear Max

Even before you were born, I felt that one of the important things about being a parent was learning how to be a child again (in the fun sense), and relearning all those important lessons – from washing hands, to eating with your mouth closed, to compassion and manners. One of the things I’m loving most about being your mom is being able to act a bit like a child – appropriately, of course (though Dad still thinks I throw tantrums sometimes). I love playing peekaboo with you, jumping on the bed, clapping hands with you, making funny faces, plus all the seriously bizarre things I do to distract you while Dad changes you after the bath – like jump up and down, snort like a pig, or throw a ball in the air and miss it (it helps that you find it funny when I miss – it means less pressure on me to practise my low hand-eye co-ordination skills). One of the things I’ve started doing is singing, which is something I didn’t do much of, caus I don’t have a very good voice and while I think I might be able to carry a tune, I suspect others might feel otherwise. So when you were born, I kind of resisted singing, but then I learnt that you kinda liked it and it calmed you when I sang the gentle tunes, and made you giggle when I sang Old McDonald. I swear – I feel eight years old again when I sing so unashamedly, and without fear that I’ll be pelted with naartjies.

I am having so much fun with you, and am so grateful I have an outlet or reason to get down and silly, like when I act like a horse giving you a ride on my back and the horse almost drops you. You also have an incredible humour, spirit and sense of fun, so you’ve made these lessons so much easier and rewarding for me. I wonder if other parents feel the same? Anyway, I look forward to more silliness, laughs and off-key notes…



3 responses to “The kid in me”

  1. Sharon says :

    Too right! There’s something about being a parent that makes one loose ones inhibitions. I’m no longer embarressed and will gladly make a fool of myself to make Ava laugh!

  2. Sarah says :

    Hi – loving your blog! This is Sarah (the SMC) from fertilicare. I think its hilarious making a fool out of myself to entertain Adi – I recently was playing a joke with him saying “naughty naughty” cross eyed, nasal voice, read “knowty; knowty” – he now at 11 months says naught naught and squeals with laughter (and so do I). I am pretty sure I have failed parenting discipline 101 … Eish … But having fun

  3. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Haha – that’s hilarious! The things we do… but agreed, it’s soooo much fun!

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