Why the iPad is so cool

Dear Max

One of my hobbbies/loves/interests/obsessions at the moment is my iPad. I love it for so many reasons – the games, the cool apps, the news and most vitally, the fact that I can Facebook and Tweet so easily, and view them like albums. As it turns out, one of your hobbies/loves/interests/obsessions at the moment is also my iPad, and it’s for that reason I’ve downloaded a few apps for you too. There’s Talking Tom (though I confess this was more for me than for you), the cat who repeats what you say, and purrs and miaows, and we have Itsy Witsy Spider, Koi Pond, Hand Paint and Doodle Buddy. The iPad saved our bacon recently when we were in Toronto, and on an eternal 45-minute subway ride. You were understandably tired and irritable after a long day in the mall, and were crying on the train, until I whipped out the ultimate babysitter and distractor – the iPad.

Many times it’s difficult for me to have quality time on the iPad without you pawing at it, which I imagine is completely reasonable and normal for Children-of-iPad owners to do. So I usually feed the habit at night, when you are asleep. Last night I was playing around with some fun photo apps, and lest you think I have lots of time on my hands and nothing better to do, it *only* took about 15 minutes. Which either says a lot about the prowess of the apps, or something about the fact that I’m better left editing than art directing in this lifetime. In any case, here they are, and just for the record, I worked on a very cool app called ISwap, where you can switch people’s faces around, but Dad thought it was too freaky to publish the pic of me on your body, and your face on my body, here. I will show you one day though (and am happy to email the pic to anyone who wants to see – I think it’s hilarious and cute!)

One response to “Why the iPad is so cool”

  1. David Reinhardt says :

    You should try Polarize to make pics look like polaroid snaps, Strip Design to design pages like comic strips and PerfectPhoto for general editing.

    Also – anythingl by Duck Duck Moose for educational time passing. Abby loves all their apps.

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