Almost Wordless Wednesday

Dear Max

You’re 15 months old today!

That’s *3000 nappies, 5000 baby wipes, 250 spit-ups, 800 washed nappy cloths, 3550 cuddles, 550 clothing changes, 2790 bottle/boob feeds, 8000 smiles apiece from me and Dad, six teeth, eight plane rides, two falls off the bed, 450 walks in the neighbourhood, three official 10km races in your jogger, 3 cat scratches, five sets of vaccinations, one circumcision, 20 swims, 600 bouts of laughter apiece from me and Dad…

These have been the most exciting, life-changing, terrifying and rewarding 15 months. Ever.

Love you, my grown-up babe.

* Estimates only


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