Us Moms

Dear Max

When moms used to mention to me that once you have young kids, you can never go to the toilet alone again, I used to roll my eyes and think “Oh please, my life will NEVER be like that”, and guess what? It so is. In fact, I wish I had a rand for every one of my roll eyes and “I’ll be different” mantras.

What I’m discovering from meeting moms, reading blogs and working on a parenting magazine, is that most of us have similar fears, experiences and life changes as parents, and that we can discuss poop as if it was the weather, and cry about our child’s first day at school without being given the evil eye by others. The most common similarities* I’m finding among moms with kids your age are the following:

– We all cry a lot more than we did before we were moms.

– We all worry a lot more than we did before we were moms.

– We have a lot less free time and gym time than we did before we were moms, and most of us don’t really mind. As long as we have some of it.

– We all feel guilty, for something. Anything.

– We have discovered a fricking enormous capacity to love, something we
never thought possible.

– Many of us are carrying a few extra kgs of pregnancy shmaltz.

– We all think our own children are beautiful and perfect and should be cover models (seriously Max, I not only think this, I KNOW this – I have perfect clarity).

– We’re doing our best, though this doesn’t always help us feel better about us
as moms.

– We would love to have an afternoon nap every Sunday.

– We shop more for our children than we do for ourselves.

– We love dressing our children up.

– Your pain breaks us.

– We would do so much to protect you, and are shattered when we can’t.

Are there any others I’ve missed?


* Just a generalisation. By no means an audited survey, which, I need to emphasise now, for I suspect your Virgo mind might need some scientific data, which I can’t provide.


9 responses to “Us Moms”

  1. nickistormdadic says :

    I’m FINISHED! Blubbing my eyes out! *again*
    This may have well been an official audited survey … any mom who doesn’t feel this way about being a mom, must be from MARS!

  2. Jeanette Verster says :

    Awesome post! So very very true!

  3. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Thanks so much. I forgot to mention fatigue a lot of the time, but that’s a given, right? 🙂

  4. tolovebella says :

    Gosh. This is SO TRUE! Especially the guilty part – albeit unwarranted guilt at times!!

  5. nickistormdadic says :

    The fatigue is like breathing. I think I’d be lost without it 😉

  6. Sharon says :

    I think this “generalization” can be taken as truth! WORD!!!

  7. sthembile says :

    you have said it all sister. I remember waiting in the mall while my toddler throw tantrums while people looked at me. I know the trembling whenever I receive a call from her daycare.and yes d second u close d toilet door, it like u have gone for months.. Oh mothers

  8. MbaliyeHlubi says :

    This is all true, i find myself buying more for her than 4 myself, cant remember when last i bought me something bt i always buy 4 my baby whenever im in a mall…very strange….

  9. MomAgain@40 says :

    We feel like the “guilty party” when somebody else complains about our children, and we apologise on their behalf!

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