Look what the cat dragged in…

Dear Max

See how cute and serene our cat Annydots looks? She usually is. Unless something provokes her or rattles her fragile nerves (she is a scaredycat, literally). Like when Rex gets too close, or rubs his wet nose too close to her and she hisses, puffs out her tail and tries to scratch him. Last night, you were the provoker, and I reckon you did one of the following:
a) Pulled her ears
b) Pulled her tail
c) Pulled her claws
d) Pulled her whiskers

I didn’t see it, but I heard your cries, and you came running to me with tears running down your scratched cheeks. The cat dragged her nails in you, and this is what happened…

You cried for about two minutes, we gave you some Calpol for the pain (though I think it was more for our pain) and you were fine – reading, tottering and yacking away. You’re a strong chap – have I told you that before? As for the cat, I wish I could have given her a time out, or 15 minutes on the naughty step, but every cat owner staff member knows that one can’t really discipline a cat. Plus, she was hurt and trying to defend herself.

It reminded me that I can’t protect you from life’s hurts. And that makes me sad. And helpless. And guilty. I wish I could carry you in a BabyBjorn sling forever, a) because they’re quite sexy, as far as carriers go, and b) caus no one will mess with you and I can push the cat away, shove the bully back, or break your fall. But this is not the way. So the most I can do as a mother is try to build you up as much as I can, and try to mend the breaks.

I’m still sorry you’ll get hurt in this world, but I hope there’ll be enough fun, thrills and cat purrs to make up for it.


PS: I know you look quite freaked out in the pic, but you were just transfixed with cartoons on TV. We put the TV on in the mornings for a few minutes when we go to work to distract you, so that you won’t get upset. That’s our trick, and we’re sticking with it!


4 responses to “Look what the cat dragged in…”

  1. NickiD says :

    Ouch … poor Max! I’m waiting for the day when our kitty, Becks (after David Beckham), scratches Luca. So far he’s dragged her around the house by her back leg, carried her very unceremoniously by her “underarms” and yanked her tail a couple of times. Without recourse. Yet. So true … we really can’t protect them forever, and it’s scary! But, they’re rough and tumble little boys and I have no doubt that they’ll stand up for themselves when the time comes 🙂 x

  2. MomAgain@40 says :

    Shame! It’s a bit close to the eye… Scary, indeed!

  3. Sharon says :

    Ouch!!! Poor little dude!

  4. samcy says :

    Ouch! Poor Max. And poor Kitty 😉 I think you’re doing a fab job of protecting your boy. xxx

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