More than just birthday cake and presents…

Dear Max

Today is my birthday, and I’m xxx years old (insert whatever age you think I am/look). It is also the two-year anniversary of when I found out I was pregnant with you – actually it was the day before my birthday, but it’s significant because I remember that it was either going to be a kak birthday if my result was negative in which case I’d go out drinking, or it would be the best birthday EVER.

And would you know, it was my best birthday ever. No gift or celebration could ever match to your conception, and I remember walking and running around on my birthday with a huge grin – everyone thinking I was just in the birthday spirit. I swear Max, I felt like the most important/blessed person in the world, as if I was the only person in the world to have ever grown an embryo that at the time, was just a tiny cell. I was a genius and homemaker, and you were this little fighter who had chosen us as his folks.

Anyway, with each birthday now, I think past the flowers and Hello Kitty gifts and cupcakes (though they do make my heart happier), and remember our anniversary, so to speak.

This is some of what I wrote in my pregnancy journal, two years ago…
“My best birthday ever. Ran 21km* and battled, a bit of nausea. I walk on air the whole day… with my little bean and little secret. I want to share the news with everyone and celebrate but it’s so early. I feel blessed and in awe of this feisty spirit who had made its way…”

Thank you for being my best birthday gift ever – then and now.

xxxYour Young Mom

* Please don’t freak out that I ran so early in my pregnancy. I was very fit, and together we ran really slowly, with lots of walk breaks.


8 responses to “More than just birthday cake and presents…”

  1. Kim says :

    Happy Birthday Tanya! I love following your chirps to Max – my one year old son is also Max! I felt much like you in the above email – Max was a complete miracle to us in our older years. We had had years of fertility treatment, including 3 ICSI’s and when they all failed, we gave up when I turned 40. Two years later, while I was having acupuncture, I found out I was pregnant – at 42! He is an absolute blessing to both his Dad (52) and I. Happy Birthday!


  2. Kim says :

    OH and a quick PS – My Max is actually in your Feb edition! (Max van Rooyen)

  3. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Hi Kim, good to “meet” you here, and chat with you. So glad you have a “success” story. All boys called Max are cute, and their moms are amazing. Your boy is gorgeous – an early Ferrari fan already? 😉

  4. Sharon says :

    Happy birthday T! I hope you have a super fabulous, blessed day!

  5. nickistormdadic says :

    I think you should be commended for running throughout your pregnancy! I turned into tyhe Queen of the Sloths after my third month of being pregnant. Not cool.

    Well done, happy anniversay and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (again)


  6. MomAgain@40 says :

    Love that boep photo! 😀
    Happy BDay! What an awesome memory!

  7. samcy says :

    Happy Birthday T! May you always feel that special feeling on this special day made even more special by your little Max.


    PS – Plse can you email me details of who did your maternity shoot? Your pics are amazing!

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