The similarities between editor and mother

Dear Max

I’ve been thinking about my *jobs as mom and editor, and thought about drawing some similarities between them, and you and work, since I’m so defined by both.

Here goes:
– I love you both (Duh! This is an easy one)
– I sometimes have no idea what I’m doing
– I sometimes know for certainty what I’m doing
– Both aren’t a science
– Both have perks (eg experiencing spa treatments, smiles, occasional free swag and champagne, your health, your development and growth)
– Both involve a lot of thought, and a lot of heart
– You’re both gorgeous (no bias here whatsover)
– I angst over both, and sometimes lose sleep over either
– I often go with my gut
– You both make me a better person
– I get huge rewards seeing my “creations”

Thank you Max for turning my “job” as mother into a love. And a privilege.

Love Mom


One response to “The similarities between editor and mother”

  1. samcy says :

    This made me smile 🙂


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