The long long long Long Tom Pass

Dear Max

This weekend we were away at a running weekend – the kind of weekend you only go on when there’s a really cool or great training run, for how else could we justify a trip to the small mining town of Lydenburg (where there is no Woolies or chai tea)?

We were there to run the Longtom Marathon, a 56km gruelling run from Sabie to Lydenburg, with one of the most breathtaking surrounds I’ve ever had the privilege to run through. In fact, I love this race. A lot. And it’s a privilege to be able to run it, and finish it. It’s one of those races that you get highly in touch with nature, with yourself, and with your strength as you climb pretty much up 36km. One needs to dig deep, which is part of the fun/insanity/challenge.

It’s also a small-town race, and like a community race. The water tables are fab, the support is enormous, and it feels like there’s a lotta love to keep the race going, and to sustain its high standards and ratings.

On Friday afternoon we set off, with Mavis and Vee to look after you, and aside from being niggly because you wanted to get in the front to drive, you were amazing on the journey (I think you get your endurance from me. And your impatience). Pretty impressive considering we were driving for about four hours and only had one stop.

As always, you fitted into your new surrounds, and after what felt like 20 hours running (it was only under seven), there you were at the finish. It’s the first time you’ve ever been at a race finish, and it swelled my heart to see you there. I’m convinced that had I have known Mavis was going to walk you to the finish, I would have finished quicker.

The rest of the weekend was filled with me hobbling around, you exploring as much as you could, being so fricking cute, and switching the plugs on and off about 60 times. You also had fun climbing on my sunburnt aching shoulders (while I was lying like a beached whale on the bed), and then flinging yourself off them. I think we could make a fab gymnastics team one day?

Thanks for being a great travelling dude…

Look forward to more trips together (to big places and small, and to those in our imaginations).

Love Mom


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3 responses to “The long long long Long Tom Pass”

  1. Sharon says :

    Insanity? Indeed! Wow! Well done T!

  2. thejacksonfiles says :

    I can’t believe that you ran 56kms, if I manage 4kms on the treadmill I think I’ve had an excellent excercise day.

    I think traveling with kids is just the best, no matter where you go. Although I must admit I don’t Jackson and I have ever been to Lydenburg…

  3. MomAgain@40 says :

    Congrats! It’s a marvellous achievement! I am impressed!

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