More things I love about you

Dear Max

So this is just another excuse to ogle over you and explain why you’re the coolest and cutest kid. Ever.

1. Your gorgeous grin now sports a crop of teeth. It seems there are cute new gnashers all the time.
2. You dance at every moment.
3. Your dancing repertoire now includes clicking your fingers.
4. You high five any willing hands.
5. You blow sweet air kisses when you say goodbye to someone.
6. You draw with every pen, pencil or crayon that you find (I wait for the day, not far away when you draw on the wall…)
7. You love lights, pointing at them, and switching them on and off (along with plug switches)
8. You babble and sing, and have your own language.
9. You offer food to the dog and to us (I know this is because you have a big heart. I just know).
10. You stretch out your little arms in front of you when you want to be picked up.

These quirks are only just the surface Max of what I love about you, but they do fill my days with a whole lotta happiness.



3 responses to “More things I love about you”

  1. Sharon says :

    So precious!

  2. Paul Jacobson says :

    Loving your blog! This post takes me back to Aaron’s earlier years/months.

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