Sleep deprivation and Twitter

Dear Max

Last night was one of “those nights”. You had a cough, were vomiting and overall miserable. You woke up in the middle of the night (after going to sleep at about 11pm – eek!) crying and clearly uncomfortable and in pain.

Usually, during those early-morning wake-ups, I might switch on my phone and Tweet about it – half wanting to share the frustration of being awake and seeing you in pain, and half wanting to chat to the other moms out there also awake. And it’s always been that no matter what time (12pm or 4am), I’ve found a compassionate mom or dad going through the same thing, and a gentle word, commisseration and good advice.

Last night however I was too shattered to even say the word phone let alone find some like-minded bleak parents struggling to placate their babies and toddlers in the middle of the night. But I wanted to share some of my feed from this morning, to show the love, so to speak.

I can’t say it enough, but I really do love many of these online connections, and the support therefrom. Many of them just “get it”, and for that I’m really happy. I even got a beauty editor giving me a tip for the best undereye concealer… it’s Bobbi Brown, by the way…

Hope you feel better soon,


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2 responses to “Sleep deprivation and Twitter”

  1. nickistormdadic says :

    Oy, we’ve all been there! The night that Luca pulled a 9pm – 4am-er, wide awake and full of beans, almost pushed me over the edge. Thank g-d for out online connections – its like you have a BFF in your back pocket, 24/7!!!

  2. Sharon says :

    I agree! Half my online friends I’ve never met but they have carried me through some of the darkest moments!

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