18-month injections

Dear Max

So off we went two days ago for your 18-month injections. I coined them Maccines (Max + vaccine = vaccines).

I was nervous (read: crapping myself). You’d think that after your bris I would have toughened up a bit and be used to seeing you go through a bit of pain. But honestly, I don’t think moms ever get over this, and while this (injections) may be for your own good yada yada yada, it still hurts me.

So we ventured to the baby clinic for your shots, and what made it even worse was how cute you were in the rooms. Playing, tottering everywhere and smiling – oblivious to the fact that needles were around the corner.

And so you were weighed, and measured, and then you sat on my lap and you got jabbed in each arm, and you let out a little cry, and were fine about six seconds after each one. And then you scampered off, holding the toothbrush that you’d brought from home (you have a thing for toothbrushes), and exploring new toys and cool stuff.

You’re a tough dude. But you also know when to be “weak” and feel pain. I hope that doesn’t go away, and I hope you can carry on being honest to your feelings and feel brave enough to feel what you want to feel. Even if it’s pain over an injection. Or irritation caus your mom won’t let you play with a cigarette butt, or open the sucker that the nurse gave you.

And in other news, because your mom listened to one nurse instead of reading up more about it, we are actually behind on your vaccines. It’s not terrible, but we need to go through all of this next month and the month after because we missed your 12- and 15-month vaccines. Gird our loins Max… but we will be fine!

Love Mom


One response to “18-month injections”

  1. Dawn says :

    You sound very organised, just like me 😉

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