Too early to matchmake?

Dear Max

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Tiffany’s new baby Milla who is two weeks old. She is gorgeous, and among the first words I said when I saw her were: “I can’t believe she’s so small”, a line every mom says when cradling someone else’s newborn.

Aside from holding her, successfully feeding her a bottle (of expressed milk, I need to add, before Tiffany kills me) and burping her (woohoo, I still have the touch), we also loosely chatted about a potential match between you and Milla one day.

Now, I know it was just a joke and that you’re *only* 18 months and can’t yet say mama let alone marriage, but heck, I really do want you to land up with good stock (kind, clever, preferably sporty, into reading, and preferably a cat lover). I won’t meddle in these matters Max, but if you do want help in finding The One For Now, let me know. Let’s face it, most Jewish people think they’re a matchmaker, but I really will look after your interests…

For now though, I’ll worry about present-day stuff, like how to explain to Sharon and Lisa Marie that I’ve “promised” you to someone else’s daughter other than theirs.

I hope this post doesn’t embarrass you. I think it might. And that I’ll delete it before you start reading.

Your smitten-for-you Mom


7 responses to “Too early to matchmake?”

  1. Tiffany says :

    I’m keen on this particular shidduch. She *is* good stock and she hits (or, in fairness, will hit) all of your markers above, as well as – tho I’m sure you omitted this in error – a healthy sense of irony. Thanks for being specific about the expressed milk, hun. Appreciate it. You have, however, ‘outed’ my secret blog. But I don’t mind. The time had come.


    Your Machetinister (In-Law)

  2. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Of course Milla is “the one”. Obviously. For so many reasons. And how awesome does “Max and Milla” sound? Just putting it out there…

  3. nickistormdadic says :

    So long as Luca is his best man, it’s fine by me 😉

  4. To Love Bella says :


  5. Scared & Imperfect Mother says :

    It is never to early. Both my daughters already have potential husbands. Amandalynn is almost 5 and her husband to be is in grade 2 and a awesome little boy, Lorelai ia a year and Hubby to be is almost 2 and her godmothers son. I know these 2 boys will be raised correctly which makes them perfect for my little girls.

  6. Sharon says :

    How will I ever explain this to Ava?? *sob*

  7. Kate says :

    lol… loved this!!! poor Ava! 😉

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