Friday’s from the past

Dear Max

It’s Friday’s blast from the past, and I’m remembering your first sneeze. So random, it may seem, but this sneeze was so fantastic in that it came from a beautiful being (duh! you! obviously) when you were about four minutes old, and placed on my chest for the first time.

Bundled in your blanket, lying on the chest of the happiest and most elated woman ever (and I swear this had nothing to do with the Pethidine after the birth), you gave a sneeze. It was a sneeze as if to say “I’m alive mom. I’m here. Hear me sneeze and roar!”. The miraculous sneeze from an angelic being, making himself heard and his spirit expressed.

What made the sneeze even more awesome was that it was followed by another one, and I melted. And I wept. And I realised – as I so often do – that I’d been given the best present ever. A sneezing boy, who that day opened my heart.

Bless you.

Love Mom



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