When I see your face…

Dear Max

Yesterday I had an average to kak day that was made better the moment I saw you when I came home. You have that knack, little dude, to make me forget whatever difficulties are out there, or whatever storms are circulating within me.

And when I see you as my day starts, my heart swells with happiness. Your toothy grin kind of says to me that it aint all bad, that there’s good to be lived and felt. That I have you as an extension of me takes away a lot of grey, and makes me see more of the great kickass stuff in life.

Thank you for bringing immense happiness to me, just by being.

xxx Mom


4 responses to “When I see your face…”

  1. Sharon says :

    I could have written this myself. I drove home crying yesterday, so bad was the day, but when I got home and saw my little precious angel and she was so happy to see me, the troubles of the day were quickly forgotten!

  2. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    So glad there was a rainbow at the end of your shite day!!!

  3. Tahra says :

    Tanya what you wrote is so true, no matter what kind of day you are having, when you see you little one all your worries fade into the distance 🙂

  4. MomAgain@40 says :

    Amen! My favorite time of day is going to pic up the toddler at day care! The face that lights up when she sees me is the most precious of all!

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