Wordless Wednesday… a few of your favourite things

Playing in the car (you enjoy taking out CDs, and then jamming them back into the slot)

Max on the MAC

You luuuuurve my Hello Kitty lunch tin. A lot.

Water works at Rosebank Zone


5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday… a few of your favourite things”

  1. Christelle says :

    I luuuuurve your Hello Kitty Lunch Tin as well! Where can I get one? I need to get one now!!

  2. MomAgain@40 says :

    Very cute!
    I agree! That Hello Kitty lunch tin is a winner! 😀

  3. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    I *need* another one too. Sadly, the lunchtin is from a shop on Times Square in New York. Cruel. Yet true…

  4. Christelle says :

    I have good news http://hellokitty-sa.co.za/?page_id=13 Have a look under the kitchen section.

  5. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Thanks a mil! (though my bank balance dislikes you intensely)

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