Of baby shows, Barney and gender confusion

Dear Max

On Saturday we went to The Baby Expo at The Dome in Northgate with your BFF Luca and one of my NBFs Nicki

In summary, here’s how the day went:

The good:
– Zooting to the front of the queue to get our VIP media tickets, and then getting two fab goodie bags (it’s all about the goodie bags!)
– Seeing some really great stands and learning about new products
– Seeing Luca share his ice cream with you, and even passing his wet wipe to clean your face
– Having everyone ogle over you and smile whenever you ran past them like a whippet. Granted, I heard a lot of “look how cute she is”, but still. Even dressed in blue, you’re pretty and have beautiful hair.

The bad:
– Getting you off the mini tractors and bikes, and having you thrash and howl
– Running after you through the stands – boy, you can move! I couldn’t keep up, and was shattered at the end of the show (this is not really a bad thing – just an observation)
– Missing the Barney show owing to your mother’s exhaustion. Who am I kidding, this goes under the “Good” column. In fact, this goes under the “Awesome” column. I promise that when you know Barney and can say the word Barney, we’ll be there. In the front row.

The ugly:
– Watching people drinking beer and eating chips and pizza at 10.30am. Seriously.

Looking forward to many more baby shows together, and since I’ve learnt the pram-manoeuvre technique so well, I can ram my way through many crowds without injuring a soul. We work well that way, Max.

Love Mom

Hitting the bottle

Chillin' with Luca (while Nicki and I went through our swag bags)


3 responses to “Of baby shows, Barney and gender confusion”

  1. NickiD says :

    Beer and slap chips for breakfast. Vom! Wish we got a snap of Luca happily handing over his Cornetto 🙂 Thanks for a fab morning! x

  2. Sasha Simi says :

    We went and also had a fab (but exhausting) time!
    When Max knows who Barney is it will be like you seeing your top rock star in person! Nina was chanting “more more more”! Very cute.

    Only thing is that Barney only sang a few songs- they should focus on Barney a little longer.

  3. Jenty says :

    Those baby shows are completely exhausting, glad I don’t have to do them again 🙂

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