Where you’re at now…

Dear Max

I so understand what people mean when they say that kids just get better, cuter and more “rewarding” as they develop. Not that I didn’t think you were perfect and rewarding and cute before, but jees, you’re upping your game each week.

So here’s what you’ve been up to, and how you’re developing. It’s amazing how your small acts and milestones leave large imprints on happiness and pride in my life:

– You love drawing with any writing instrument you come across (before Rex takes said writing instrument and chews it – I’ve lost a couple of Hello Kitty pens in the process)
– You shout “aaaaaarghout” to the dog when he bugs you or tries to eat whatever’s in your hand
– You love pointing at people in pictures and objects when I ask you where they are
– * When you take something from someone (eg food or a toy), you clap out of gratitude before you take it
– You blow on food to cool it down
– You had your first fringe haircut yesterday – you loved it! Much to my horror, you took the scissors afterwards and tried to emulate me (I assume) cutting your hair. Good news is that you didn’t succeed – your long shiny curls are here to stay for now.
– You know how to work Tom the Talking Cat on my iPhone and iPad all by yourself.
– You’re feeding yourself really ably with a spoon.

Love you long time…

* This is something I’m so proud of – that you already know the concept of gratitude. It makes me happy that your two other “moms”, Mavis and Vee, have instilled their practice in you.


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One response to “Where you’re at now…”

  1. lee says :

    And it just keeps on getting better

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