The A-Z blog post

Dear Max Pax

I’m a bit deadline-challenged this week, which is my excuse (and I’m sticking to it) for an A-Z blog post that leaves me with less to think about writing and being creative. And by the way, you were up until 11.10pm last night – playing happily and getting into every button, nook and cranny in the house!

A is for the Amazing dude you are. Duh!!!!
B is for Bookoo. Your pet name.
C is for Comrades Marathon, which sadly I’ll be leaving you for on the weekend to run.
D is for Dada, which you’ve now learnt to say. Loudly. You love saying it.
E is for Every day I see you, my problems lesson.
F is for Flings. Your fave snack (and sometimes supper too).
G is for Glee, my favourite show that you dig watching too.
H is for Hair – golden long locks of yours (I’m sometimes tempted to Ghd it to see how long it is straight. But I’ve resisted. For now…)
I is for I love you.
J is for Jogging, what you love doing in your jogger with me or Dad pushing you.
K is for Kid. May you always retain that sense of child in you.
L is for Love. Something I have no shortage of for you.
M is for Mom. And Max. And Mac, your favourite gadget in the world (this is me projecting).
N is for No. What I say quite a lot to you. Especially when it comes to you trying to pull off the buttons of the Mac.
O is for Oh The Places You’ll Go, my fave kids’/adults’ book.
P is for parenting. The best role in the world…
Q is for Quite frankly, I can’t think of anything.
R is for Rex. The dog who loves you, chews your toys and tries to eat your food.
S is for Silliness. What I act on when I try to make you laugh.
T is for Twitter. Where I get so much mommy support and love – even from “strangers”.
U is for Unconditional. The love I have for you.
V is for Voltaren. What I’m currently taking for my sore neck and hamstring before Sunday.
W is for Woolworths. One of my best places for food, chai teas and kiddie clothes.
X is for XBox. Which one day you’ll have.
Y is for You Are a Tourist, my favourite new song.
Z is for Zzzzzz. What most toddlers get from around 8pm at night. Am just saying…

Love Mom


2 responses to “The A-Z blog post”

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