On Our Future Hotlist

Dear Max

As much as I’m an in-the-now kind of person, I’m as much of a planner (read: occasional worrier for the future), and I do like thinking ahead and conjuring up cool things to do. So along with losing 10kg, running my 10th Comrades and one day sleeping for 10 hours straight, there are other things I’d like to do with you one day – big and small. It’s a little checklist for now, one that will be added to and changed, I’m sure, and will depend entirely on your wishes/personality etc. It’s not like I’m not enjoying the now, and your age and stage currently. Rather, this list gives me something to work really hard towards some day.

In no particular order:
– Run a race with you
– Visit the Northern Lights
– Go to Lithuania to find out more about our family
– Built a snowman
– Help a needy child in a significant way
– Go to Disneyworld
– Go on a course/learn something new
– Go to the Kruger National Park
– Write a poem/short story
– Sing karaoke in public
– Visit Paris
– Play cards and backgammon
– Jump on a bed
– Roll down a hill
– Ride a camel
– Read every Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss book
– Do something charitable every week

There will be more. I look forward to making this list longer and hotter.

The Northern Lights


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2 responses to “On Our Future Hotlist”

  1. Lesley says :

    Awesome Tanya. Max is a very lucky guy to have such a devoted mom. You are doing a sterling job already, aside from your wish list, which I have no doubt you will conquer!
    Best of luck for the two of you.

  2. cat@juggling act says :

    Oh this is a great list!

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