Another thing that running has taught me

Dear Max

It’s a week after Comrades and I have what’s informally known as the Post-Comrades Blues. I miss it terribly, and I’m looking back at it longingly (clearly having forgotten the pain, tears and questions of WTF am I doing this for?).

I often look back at things longingly and want to go back in time – in your case it’s so many things, like your birth, your first birthday, your first steps, our holidays. And it’s good to have great memories and reminisce, but it’s another thing being rooted in the past, which is something I sometimes do.

One of the best lessons I’ve learnt on the road is to not look behind at what you’ve run, nor what you have way ahead. Just stay in the present kilometre and focus on that, and take in the experience wholly. I hope you can do that as much as possible in your life Max, and not be dragged down by future worries or past experiences that appear better than today’s. It’s not an easy feat, but one I am trying to work on, and one that I hope we can both use to enjoy the now and appreciate it more.

Love you,


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One response to “Another thing that running has taught me”

  1. cat@juggling act says :

    Oh you are one wise mommy.

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