This thing called love… gets stronger

Dear Max

When I was pregnant, I loved you, and when you were born, my heart expanded even more. As I found my feet as a mom, and as you started responding to me and your surrounds more, my heart swelled to what I thought was capacity. I mean, how much more can you love your kid, right? Right? Wrong.

I feel that with every laugh, development, hug and kiss, I am loving you more. I can’t explain it, it just is. I’ve spoken to some other moms about it, and it turns out I’m not alone with the heart that keeps loving more. Maybe it’s because you’re becoming more “relatable” and “human”, or maybe I’m relaxing more by the day as mom. Or maybe it’s because I’m seeing more of you in me, or perhaps it’s just the way of the parenting path.

I am so glad I “get” it, that thing that parents always used to tell me before I had you. And I’m grateful that I get to leap out of my box of emotions and love.

I heart you – duh!


3 responses to “This thing called love… gets stronger”

  1. Scared & Imperfect Mother says :

    Very true. When it comes to our kids love know no bounds

  2. Sharon says :

    Love it! Ditto! So so true!

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