Even cool girls get the blues

Dear Max

A good friend of mine is going through a crappy time. She had a baby recently, and things feel quite dark and scary for her, a result of the changes, and the weird chemical and hormonal crap that sometimes happens when you have a baby.

I was never in a deep hole when I had you, but there were times when I was so scared and overwhelmed that I cried myself to sleep, or looked at you and thought I could never measure up to you as a human being, let alone as your mom.

I have told my friend that there will be light, that the feelings of fear will be eased, that she’ll find her spirit again, and that she’ll eventually get out the pit. But when you’re there, you never quite believe it, and it hurts like hell waiting for it to pass.

Max, I know you’ll have sadness, because I know you have a big soul and that you won’t be ashamed to “feel”, because Dad and I will show you that it’s okay. More than okay. And for as long as I can and as long as you’re willing, I’ll try pull you up from the trenches, and equip you with the know-how (even if it’s how to ask for help). Things pass. So does the darkness, if dealt with, and felt.

To my friend (sorry Max, usurping your space again), I’m here to listen, to say “I felt that too”, and to eat crumpets and drink cappuccinos. You’ve got the support. And you’ll see the sun soon.



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5 responses to “Even cool girls get the blues”

  1. Fairy Girl says :

    She is blessed to have a friend such as yourself

  2. anita says :

    Wish I had someone like you!I still get overwhelmed with this thing of being a mum.

  3. cat@juggling act says :

    Great on you – you can mean so much to her. But if you see it goes just a wee bit deeper – get her to the doc for some chemical relief.

  4. Sharon says :

    Everyone of us going through those early, dark, scary days of a newborn could use a friend like you!
    I remember how difficult that time was for me too, so confusing and so overwhelming and I agree, everyone told me it would get easier but I couldn’t see how it was possible!

  5. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Scarily, I think there are so many moms who can relate to this…

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