Mom sometimes doesn’t know best

Dear Max

So the other day I took you to school and Mavis had your bottle of milk ready, as always, to pop into your schoolbag. Thinking that you should cut down on milk (not sure why – you’re happy and healthy drinking what you want), I thought I was being smart when I declared that I was leaving your milk at home.

Oh boy. I got a message at work from your fabulous teacher Kim who is so smart that she starts all her phone messages with “It’s Kimmy, please don’t worry. All is okay xxxxx “. Lest I think something terrible has happened. Apparently, you were at school and miserable because there was no bottle of milk for you. And I didn’t even tell anyone at school that I left juice but not milk, so no one knew what was happening, and there was no one to tell me I was being an asshole by making you go cold turkey.

I felt sad that you were unhappy, but mostly it was a lesson that as much as I have to trust my instinct, I need to rely on your actions and instinct too. Your bottle of milk is your thing – your comfort, your nutrition, and the fact that you’re awesome, strong and healthy is what counts. Unlike your mom who eats when she’s happy, sad, scared or watching a movie or CSI, you eat or drink when you’re hungry. You’re perfect that way.

I promise to not take your milk away because I *think* you should drink less. I’d hate it if someone took my cappuccinos away without warning or weaning, or a decent substitute.

Thanks for showing me that sometimes I’m not always right, and that the white stuff is often the right stuff for you at this stage… And that sometimes you actually do know best.

xxxx Mom


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6 responses to “Mom sometimes doesn’t know best”

  1. kambabe says :

    Parenting is all about trial and error and finding out what suits you best.

  2. NickiD says :

    We live and learn x

  3. cat@juggling act says :

    So we learn every day, but our instincs, we can always trust.

  4. Sharon says :

    Aaah! I think we’ve all made these types of mistakes in the past.

  5. Natasha says :

    Kids teach us a lot of things 🙂 But don’t feel bad, that is how we learn xx

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