Flashback Friday – the one with your first smile

Dear Max

One of the hardest stages of a new parent’s life is what’s known as the “first six weeks” – those days where you walk around in a sleep-deprived haze wondering how the hell you got there, and HTF you’re ever going to make it as a parent, let alone a functional human being again.

And you wait. You wait for it to become “normal”. And you wait to find your feet. And you wait for the first smile, which happens at around six weeks too. And I’m not talking about the “wind” smiles or the twitches, I’m talking a real grin that shows how aware you really are of the world, and that you’ve recognised something as cool or funny.

Your first smile came when I was changing your nappy, and it was without a doubt the best grin I’ve ever seen. And it was such a new look on your face that I just *knew* it was a smile. And what a relief that I had a camera close by to capture it, and how awesome that you held the look long enough for me to get the pic.

Since then, there have been so many smiles – from toothless to toothy – and they rock my world.

Keep smiling little dude,

Your first smile - how awesome!!!





5 responses to “Flashback Friday – the one with your first smile”

  1. cat@juggling act says :

    Ag ma, look a those smiles! Beautiful. Of all my kids L was the one to smile the soonest – huge big smile and giggles that followed soon. Thanks for reminding me of that memory.

    Oh and the first 6 weeks with the twins – gosh, I remember that they fed every 3 hours around the clock, and at night I could not tandem feed, so I fed one, winded him, put him down, fed the other, same routine, and then had about an hour and a half before the first one woke up again.

  2. Sharon says :

    I’ll never forget our first smile. It happened on exactly 4 weeks. We were taking a photo to document Ava’s 4 week birthday and as I got the camera ready and W was talking to her, the hugest, most beautiful gummy grin appeared. I collapsed in a puddle of tears of joy and Walter was left to photograph the moment.

    Those first six weeks are hell. Its the part of contemplating parenting a second child I’m most afraid of!

  3. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Amen to everything you’ve said 🙂

    Ava has a gorgeous smile, btw!

  4. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Respect to you for managing two at a time. Seriously!!!

  5. Natasha says :

    Ag he is just too gorgeous!! Love reading about Max’s adventures 🙂

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