One cute jogger deserves another cute jogger

Dear Max

A few months ago I wrote a post, Why I Think Running Might Be in Your Blood about us and running, and your early start in life to the greatest sport/hobby (I’m quite biased here).

This Sunday, we’ll be running Pirates 10km together which is cool because not only is it a Tweetup with great peeps from Twitter, but because I get to take you out in our new toy, the Jeep Overland Limited Jogger. We’ve already been on some runs together and you heart it (plus I love the cup holders for my takeaway cappuccinos). I haven’t used it yet, but it also plays music, and I suspect there’ll be squeals of joy and dancing in the jogger when you hear it.

I’m looking forward to our run (even the uphills), and am kinda planning your outfit already. Looking forward to posting pics of the race next week.

Yours in running and joggers,



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4 responses to “One cute jogger deserves another cute jogger”

  1. thejacksonfiles says :

    I’m also running, see you in the crowd.

  2. Craig says :

    It’s gonna be a struggle keeping up with you in that sleek vehicle Max!

  3. Natasha says :

    That looks like one cool jogger!!

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