Another Twitter success story – and good lesson learnt

Dear Max

I often go on and on about the virtues of Twitter and how I’ve gained a huge online support community, plus some real-life friends too. Like Nicki, who I hooked up with on Saturday at Serendipity to meet another friend in the computer, Stacey, who I had met briefly once before.

Not only is Stacey as fab in real life as she is online, but she has one of those life stories that shakes everything into perspective for me, and a spirit and humour big enough to lighten the darker spaces in her life. She has a son Travis who has a congenital defect and is way less functional than boys of his age, and has special needs.

Spending a morning with Stacey, who is funny, non-complaining and full of great energy, reminded me of the tenacity of some people, of seeing the bigger picture, and being grateful for what you’ve got. It’s easy to want to live by these principles, it’s another thing putting them into play, and people like Stacey, who seems to have aced it, makes me want to be better and see things clearer.

It also makes me realise how “fortunate” we are for your good health and development, and I’m ashamed I don’t often remember it, and that instead I get muddled by the smaller stuff.

I guess there are lessons to be learnt everywhere, and for me, this time round, they’ve come in the form of a remarkable mother and her very special kid.

Love you Max



7 responses to “Another Twitter success story – and good lesson learnt”

  1. Lisa says :

    So true! A few weeks ago, I had been having “one of those days” and I was getting really irritated with my whiney, tantrum throwing toddler, when I saw a lady pushing a severely disabled little girl in a wheel chair and it put everything into perspective. I really am so lucky to be blessed with this healthy,wonderful little person. Thanks for reminding me once again!

  2. To Love Bella says :

    Wow.. Thanks for sharing that blog address and helping me realise that I really do need to stop whining and ‘sweating the small stuff’.

  3. Stacey Vee says :

    Aw, Tanya… I am so very honoured and humbled. Just so all you moms of regular babies and toddlers know, I am completely in AWE of what you gals do too 🙂 Nobody can be 100% sure what we are going to leave that delivery room with – each of us get a very unique bundle of joy, and have to find a very unique way of parenting each child. It makes life so much easier when we moms support each other. Thank you, thank you!

  4. Fiona says :

    I’m also in awe of Stacey’s tenacity and good humour.
    Love your blog Stacey….keep up the good work all round, especially with your little Lionheart.

  5. cat@juggling act says :

    I often say to poeple that remark about raising twins and kids with special needs, that we all have our challenges, it is just the degree and intensity that differs. Stacey is amazing, but so are you and all other moms.

  6. nickistormdadic says :

    Love this – you’re AMAZEBALLS Stacey! x

  7. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Hear hear! 🙂

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