Fifteen things I often say to my toddler

Dear Max

If I had a dollar for every time I said one of these statements, I’d be able to buy more Hunter boots, spa treatments and perfume.

Here’s what I can commonly be found saying to you:

– Clap hands
– Give mom kisses
– No
– Well done for finding your way on the iPad
– Leave my iPad alone
– No Max (said in stern voice)
– I love you
– Max, get down (said in stern voice)
– Say thank you
– Good boy
– Max, leave the cat alone
– Max, switch the plug back on
– I’m sorry, you can’t have it
– Want some more milk/Flings/fruit?
– Leave the scissors alone

But what I most want to say and don’t say enough of, is how I adore being your mom. So much.



8 responses to “Fifteen things I often say to my toddler”

  1. sasha says :

    How cute! Love it. TGIF

  2. Sharon says :

    Sounds so familiar!

  3. vanessa says :

    jip- too familiar
    i can add -to Nina:
    lie still while mommy changes your nappy !
    dont put that in your mouth- its not food
    say “cheese”
    stand still
    you have to bath
    we HAVE to wash your hair

    they are so sweet this age!!!!

  4. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Haha! Love yours! 🙂

  5. nickistormdadic says :

    It should be, “Here’s what I can be commonly found saying to you, 100 times a day:”

    I feel your pain x

    PS: The iPad is stowed away in Dave’s sock drawer under 7:30 at night.

  6. cat@juggling act says :

    Ah, cute – here’s some of mine:

    Do you have a nappy?

    Get off that chair!

    No, it’s your brother/sister’s turn.

    Leave your sister alone.

  7. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Haha, brilliant!!!

  8. pamiejane says :

    swop the word Kaylin for Max and you have my list right there too!

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