Win R800 worth of Macaroon stationery

Dear Max

I adore pretty paper, stickers and pens (and not just Hello Kitty), and my latest find is Macaroon (I have the most awesome stickers with your picture on, plus notecards and stickers just for me).

Taryn from Macaroon is giving one winner a Macaroon stationery supply of a personalised stickerbook of their choice; a personalised set of tags of their choice; shopping planner; and a daily planner – valued at R800, plus they’ll deliver it for free.

To enter, simply comment on this post with your name, subscribe to the blog posts if you haven’t already done so, or retweet or post this win on your Facebook page. The winner will be announced on Friday!

Check out for the most drool-worthy stationery.



71 responses to “Win R800 worth of Macaroon stationery”

  1. Fiona says :

    Oh wow! I love it. It’s so pretty!!!

  2. Fiona says :

    Just posted this to my facebook profile too. Hope I win!!!

  3. amalia appleton says :

    Amalia De Beer-Appleton, wow, that’s absolutely gorgeous! Holding thumbs I win!

  4. LaurenHamilton says :

    O.M.G to die for!

  5. Liezl Pietersen says :

    With a new baby boy born to me
    Some pretty stationery would bring glee
    So send us the goodies…
    And do not delay…
    For special gifts would simply make our day!

  6. nickistormdadic says :

    Macaroon is AMAZING! Awesome prize! *NAME IN DRAW*

  7. charne says :

    Awesome prize!!

  8. Karen says :

    Awesome prize, holding thumbs 🙂

  9. jenna says :

    Jenna Richards

  10. Kim Muller says :

    Kim Muller

  11. gina waldman says :

    Very pretty and very clever. Would love to see my pugs face all day on my stationery. Love it

  12. Scared & Imperfect Mother says :

    Charlotte Coetzee – Scaredmom’s Bolg

  13. Anje says :

    Pick me, pick me please!!

  14. I am.. says :

    Ooooeee!!! Celeste

  15. Cassie says :

    WOW!!!! Awesome prize 🙂

  16. sylvia says :

    Sylvia Hartzenberg

  17. Gina says :

    I wants it please!!!!

  18. Rachel Amar says :

    I want, I want!!
    I am a stationery lover of note

  19. David Greenway says :

    I like stuff 🙂 especially stationary stuff.

  20. Jackie says :

    This is so stunning! Id LOVE to win… please 🙂

  21. Laura Allmayer says :

    I would LOVE this. LOVE IT!!

    I have tweeted, Facebooked and subscribed!

  22. Paul says :

    I did it all, tweeted, shared on Facebook and even on Google+. I also want world peace, well fed children everywhere and peace and harmony between Dachshunds and everyone else.

    I did all that for my lovely wife, Gina. Not winning this prize would make her sad and that isn’t good for all that harmony and world peace.

    And in case this commenting thing doesn’t tell you, I am Paul Jacobson (the one and, thankfully, only).

  23. Jems says :

    New reader to you blog. Hello. My name is Jems and I read blogs but don’t have one – yes one of those! 🙂

    *popping name in draw*

    Thanks for the Macaroom introduction. What a fan-super-tastic-i’m gonna-be spending-more-money website! LOVE the party stickers!!!!

  24. Annalize MacDonald says :

    This is beautiful! Love the name – the first thing that led me to read further! ❤

  25. Kerry says :

    Such beautiful stationery! I remember collecting writing paper in primary school… and then using common garden variety bog standard A4 writing pads to write copious letters on because I didn’t want to wreck my collection!

  26. caz says :

    WOW! Looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Ok my Pinterest stalker, a competition has led me to your blog and I shall now be your blog stalker 🙂

  27. Anonymous says :

    Please pick me!

  28. Wendi says :

    Me me me please, pretty please with a cherry on the top

  29. Lea-Anne Clayton says :

    awesome.. PICK me I sooooooo LOVE pretty things 🙂

  30. Janine Lombard says :

    WOW! this is absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVE IT!!!

  31. Tanya Holtzhausen says :

    wowee……would love to win this awesome prize 🙂

  32. Catherine Jordan says :

    My girls would love this – christmas time in our house

  33. ayabulela says :

    Please pick me 🙂 too gorgeous

  34. Sandra February says :

    I would love to win this one 🙂 It looks lovelly and a great one to share with your little one/s 🙂 To spend quality time together 🙂

  35. Erin says :

    This stuff is really unique! Absolutely love it 🙂

  36. Vannessa says :

    Vannessa Meiring.

  37. Anonymous says :

    Absolutely stunning. I would love to win this awesome prize!

  38. Angelica says :

    Absolutely stunning. I would love to win this awesome prize!

  39. mozzie01 says :

    As Nix would say, AMAZEBALLS!!! I SO. HAVE. TO. WIN. THIS!!!

  40. Christie Collier-Mann says :

    Two words, oooh pretty! Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me please!

  41. cat@juggling act says :

    Ooh, straight up my isle of wanted things. I am following you and have re-tweeted.(@catjuggles)

  42. Anonymous says :

    Its really my daghter and i would love it

  43. Zainab Diedericks says :

    Its really my daghter and i would love it

  44. Keri Price says :

    I would love to win this, WOW!

  45. Lelani says :

    Lelani Deck

  46. Kerrin van Niekerk says :

    This is some seriously yummy stationery for this yummy mum of four. Kerrin

  47. Anonymous says :

    Ohh yes please! I am lover of all things Macroon!

  48. sasha simitopoulos says :

    Oh yes please! This is amazing! xx

  49. lindy says :

    Please pick Gins cause she is the most special daughter and person and she deserves it!!!

  50. Lauren says :

    That looks awesome! You really do get some great give aways 🙂

  51. Lizanne says :

    oh this is soooo purty!! must get, i just must…

  52. Julia says :

    Oooh. Yes Please!

    Have tweeted this and I do subscribe.

  53. Gwen says :

    Awsome my kids will love it

  54. Belinda says :

    Perfect prize!!!!
    Love personalised stationery. Our 2nd Baby is due early Oct. 2011. This would be a wonderful announcement, for our growing little family 🙂
    Reposted this winning oppertunity to all friends on FB.
    Rgds B

  55. Hayley says :

    Oh I am so entering Macaroon!!!!!

  56. Fleur says :

    For an instant makes me feel like the perfect mom 

  57. Catherine Albertyn says :

    Have had a look at the website and the stuff is awesome!can’t wait to have kids to use the oparty invites! Have already mailed my friends about the stationary- beautiful!

  58. Karen says :

    Love it.
    Holding thumbs.

  59. Tania says :

    OK, I’m in. I tried desperately not to like the stationery, but failed. 🙂

  60. Nix Levick says :

    Just gorgeous! sigh…….

  61. Roxanne Pellew says :

    Roxanne Pellew. LOVE IT, going to look at your website right now, and subscribing to the blog posts.

  62. colourgiggles says :

    Too delicious… love love love

  63. Vanessa says :

    Love, love, love Macaroon’s products. Holding thumbs I win!

  64. Blair Scheepers says :

    Stunning stationery. Actually need to order new stationery. Mine still has my maiden name and my USA postal address. Been in SA for four years now…

  65. Johan Scheepers says :

    my wife would love it if i win this

  66. Sancia Mincher says :

    Oh how wonderfully delicious – gotto win this – Thanks xxxx

  67. Sancia Mincher says :

    Oh how wonderfully delicious – gotto win this – Thanks xxxx

  68. Victoire Olwagen says :

    Such stunning stationery! And I love the name “Macaroon”… I’d love to win some!

  69. Tamiya says :

    Sjoe, almost missed the deadline! Okay, I’m entering!

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