The real meaning of “family”

Dear Max

A few months ago I wrote a post about how limited your dad and I are with family in South Africa, and how I worried about this, and how I felt that I needed to double my output to you in order to compensate for absent others.

But the other day, we did a big shop at Pick n Pay. Big shop. Huge. And we went along with Mavis, Vee and Enoch, who not only provided enormous help with stuff like stools, ironing board and ladder, but once again showed how much they love you, and how they have our backs in life. Enoch was running around with you on his shoulders, playing hide and seek and jumping you up and down. Mavis and Vee were watching you, helping me with trolleys and choosing what items to get, and then showing you off to customers and staff. They might be employed by us, but honestly, they love you like their own family, and you look at them and are connected as such.

I guess this isn’t a unique concept in South Africa, especially with working moms, but I am extra grateful that these awesome people have let you into their hearts with ease, and that in the absence of a wide family network here, I can count on them as such. And it’s them I turn to when I need help, hands or a last-minute babysit.

I’m grateful for our network, for our “family” who are actually the real deal, and for you who shines love.



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One response to “The real meaning of “family””

  1. cat@juggling act says :

    Oh gosh yes! Without our Lucy and Rebecca I will be lost.

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