I’ve been pin pricked…

Dear Max

I’m an unashamed fan of doing stuff on my phone, least of which is talking on it, most of the time.

My latest must-do/must-have is Pinterest, an app where you basically post gorgeous pics, and you have the option to pin them on your own boards, and like them. There is so much inspiration, prettiness, gorgeousness and things to drool over, from cakes, to pics of Ryan Gosling, to bedrooms to cool shoes.

Most of what I love though is the words and thoughts – I’m sharing a few gems I found here…

This doesn't really fit here, but who can resist Hello Kitty waffles?

Pinterest – You. Complete. Me.


PS: I’d like to pin down your vote as I’ve been nominated in the Kids World Mommy Blogger Competition. Go here to vote… Thanks in advance!


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4 responses to “I’ve been pin pricked…”

  1. nickistormdadic says :

    The cat. Sodium. Those glasses.
    Thank you x

  2. nickistormdadic says :

    PS: I still have no f%$king clue how Pinterest works. I am hereby deeming you a terrible friend until you give me a lesson.

  3. Fiona says :

    I love these!
    Especially the couch one…it made me nod and smile 🙂

  4. cat@juggling act says :

    Love the Margarita one…

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