Win! A new label to SA everyone will be talking about

Dear Max

Sometimes things come along that make my heart go pitter-patter, and make me go “oooooooooh”. So when our fashion editor Terri pointed me to as her sister has brought the Trumpette range into South Africa, my heart melted, then moved quickly, and all I could envisage was cute baby feet in THE most gorgeous footwear ever, plus me carrying the most fab bags.

I’m ecstatic to be giving away seven pairs of Trumpette socks/booties to one blog reader. To enter the draw, reply here, or retweet/Facebook this win. And if you think you can’t enter because your little one is too big to fit into these precious socks, just remember that the love can be shared and you can give them to those with newborns and babies.

I think I’m in love… with a bootie.

For more info on Trumpette, email Lori at

Winners will be announced on Friday.



23 responses to “Win! A new label to SA everyone will be talking about”

  1. LaurenHamilton says :

    O.M.G! Love love love!!!

  2. Kim Muller says :

    Oooh those are too cute!!! Those would make the most awesome baby shower gift for a close friend. Or maybe my little one could still fit into it?

    PS: Love your blog!

  3. amalia appleton says :

    They are SSSSOOOO adorable!! Absolutely love them!

  4. charne says :

    O wow! Love!

  5. tanyadk says :

    Oh.My.Word! Those booties and shoes on their website are friggin cute! I will def have to get some for my lil Ash.

  6. Anje says :

    My boy would look so darn cute in those booties!

  7. Anonymous says :

    I’d love to win this, My two sister in laws are due in september:)

  8. nickistormdadic says :

    Need, need, NEED (want) these for #2’s feeties!!!

  9. cupcakemummy says :

    ag moeder. how cute!

  10. Laura says :

    Oh goodness me! Jack would look even cuter in those!

  11. Jackie says :

    Those are just too cute. Id love to win a pair for my nephew.
    Thanks for all the great giveaways 🙂

  12. Lizanne Pitt says :

    oh these are gorgeous!! must have!

  13. Lea-Anne Clayton says :

    oh ADORABLE!!!!!! Tweeted & shared on FB!!!!

  14. Janice van der Schyf says :

    Totally adorable!!!

  15. Scared & Imperfect Mother says :

    Love this.. Tweeting like crazy and will share on FB – also reblogged it.

  16. Christelle says :

    I just about fell in love with those little shoes for the girls! They are awesome!

  17. Sue Stuart says :

    They are just too cute! My domestic’s grandson is due in November, imagine the surprise if I gave her something like this 🙂

  18. Tamiya says :

    Consider me entered!! 😀

  19. Anonymous says :


  20. Anonymous says :

    Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous!!

    x- Natasha -x

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