Into the wild…

Dear Max

I’m off to the bush this weekend for a press trip and the only downside of going away is leaving you. I’ll be at two game lodges where I may or may not be drinking gin and tonic at sundowners. Aside from said sundowners, I love being around nature and animals (from a safe distance) at these places, and growing up, our annual Kruger Park holiday in July was my best. Ever.

When you’re a little older, I want to share those experiences with you and hopefully take you to the Kruger Park where we can have braais, afternoon naps, early-morning drives, and games of spot the 10 000th impala. There are no TVs, limited cellphone reception and “not much to do” other than just be. Which is just perfect. I remember my Kruger Park holidays were filled with piles of Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew books, card games with my brother Kevin, and friendly competitions to see who could braai a marshmallow the best.

As parents, we want to transmit the best of us and our experiences to our kids, and this is it – bush holidays. I hope we can do this together, and remember, R10 if you spot a lion, leopard or cheetah. Some things never change… which reminds me, I’m not sure your Grandpa ever paid up.

I’ll miss you when I’m gone, my little cub.



One response to “Into the wild…”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Sad as we may be to leave them, it is good to have some time alone. Enjoy!

    And for kids, the Pilansberg is a cool close to home Malaria free option. Our kids love it there.

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