I turn my back for three days and look what happens…

Dear Max

I missed you enormously while I was gone on my “work” trip (hard to call it work when it involves five-star service, but please don’t hate me). So I got back, and you bolted towards me and I hugged you hard. And then you bolted into my car to play. Fair enough. You dig cars.

So since coming home, I’ve been noticing that even though I was gone for *only* three days, you’ve evolved a bit. Your canines are mostly out now, you seem bouncier and more full of smiles, and while we were in Woolies you only wanted the salad ingredients and veggies off the shelf (usually you point and grunt towards fruit, cupcakes, sweets and chips). You are showing more confidence as well – at our haven Serendipity, you bounded in, and seemed to be more adventurous – climbing up and through the jungle gyms, and going down the slide almost unassisted. May I add here that I think and fear you have inherited my I Can’t Catch Or Throw A Ball gene? It could also be an age thing (you aren’t yet two), so let me not panic.

You are literally changing before our eyes. I look forward to each day watching your strides.


You'll notice a pattern - you aint letting go of that bottle!


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3 responses to “I turn my back for three days and look what happens…”

  1. nickistormdadic says :

    Gorgeous boy!!! Did you go to S yesterday? x

  2. Kim Muller (@KimMul01) says :

    Hahaha! Love the bottle hanging from his mouth. It’s so sad that they seem to grow so much quicker when we’re not around…

  3. cat@juggling act says :

    They do grow up so very very fast.

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