To cut or not to cut

Dear Max

I wish I had a rand for every time someone thought you were a girl. You could be dressed top to toe in blue, yet some people would still think you’re a girl. I think it’s rather cute, and I know it’s an obvious “mistake” because of your curly long blonde hair. And seriously, if there was a Pantene/Johnsons/Dove ad for a toddler hair product, you’d be the perfect model (I’m not just saying that caus I’m your mom. Seriously. I’m way too objective for that. Obviously).

We have to condition your hair with my conditioner as it gets a bit tangled, and you sometimes wake up with THE cutest bedhead (cue mad professor or Crusty the Clown). But I’m beginning to wonder if you *need* to look more like a boy or more “neat”. But on the other hand, why? You’re awesome as is. Plus the thought of not seeing your golden locks flapping in the air as you run makes me a little sad. Plus it’s pretty cute that you match your bestie Luca



But I thought I’d put it to the floor for fun


11 responses to “To cut or not to cut”

  1. taniaroux says :

    Your child = your choice. Besides, he looks very sweet.

  2. Iheartpolkadots says :

    I say do both! My daughter has super curly hair (I also have to use my conditioner on her and p.s dove range is awesome). I don’t want to cut her hair shorter but I am going to trim the ends. Which will make dealing with the early morning knotty hair much easier. Maybe take him to one of those awesome kiddy hairdressers that take a photo and give you a ‘first haircut certificate’.

  3. Fatima says :

    Aw, it really suits him well. Please don’t cut it. It’s gorgeous. My cousin-in-law let her son’s hair grow as well and a lot of people criticised her for it, but she didn’t care and I admire her for it. She says he’ll probably go to a school where they’ll want him to chop it off according to school rules or maybe he’ll get tired of it himself, so until then, she’s doing what she wants to do.

  4. Sharon says :

    I voted no for now! There is plenty of time in the future where Max will be required to conform to some or other standard so why not just leave him be for now. Besides, he looks gorgeous with those locks!

  5. To Love Bella says :

    I vote NO! I’ve always had a soft spot for a guy with long hair! 😉 It’s too delicious to cut!!

  6. Rachel Amar (@Rachel_Amar) says :

    I wouldn’t cut it. You can also always use the Jewish religious excuse and say that you’re waiting till he is 3 for his Opshernish 😉

  7. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Delicious is the right word!!! 🙂

  8. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    I admire her too!

  9. MomAgain@40 says :

    Still too cute to cut! As soon as you cut it, he is going to be a big boy! You’ve got a little bit of time left… 😉

  10. Jems says :

    In the same predicament! Troy is 19 months, has curly hair and his hair is looking quite similar to Max’s. I wash his hair nearly every day and use the New Beginnings Shampoo for kids. Really fab. Then comb straight after and touch wood not knotty quite yet.

    My daughter is 3 and half and I have NEVER cut her hair and it is touching her bum. Booked an app for October though for a little trim as a little mangled on the ends.

    Anyway, enough about me! Don’t cut it! 🙂

  11. Hayley says :

    My two cents…although probably too late….dont cut…well cut, like trim, but leave it long. By the time school comes, there’ll be so many rules etc…

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