A great night out, and Ryan Gosling’s abs

Dear Max

Some of the best things in life are free, like invites to movie premieres with a bunch of really cool Twitter gals. Last week we got the callout from Sam (@samrobinson25) inviting us to the Kleenex Girls Night Out to see Crazy Stupid Love.

It was a no-brainer whether to attend or not, and I know you might not understand it, but here’s why…

It was a great movie (even without the abs and Ryan’s killer wardrobe) and good to be out with some of my Twitter, real-life and new-Twitter gal pals. Highlights included a fab goodie bag, winning the Avon hamper worth R1000 (woohoo – I still get a thrill with free beauty swag), and the raspberry Slush Puppy.

I laughed a lot with @tumimalatsi on my right, and @Nicki_Dadic on my left, proving that my taste in Twitter friends is awesome (high five myself!).

Max, you were fast asleep when I got home, so I missed seeing you. I do promise to share my Kleenex tissues and Katjes sweets later.

Here’s some more of what went down, courtesy the Kleenex Photo Box…

To Sam and Kleenex, it was fab. Please sirs, may I have some more?



4 responses to “A great night out, and Ryan Gosling’s abs”

  1. Liesl says :

    What an awesome night!

    Ryan had me drooling for sure 🙂

    Thanks Sam and Kleenex, hope there’ll be more woohoo

  2. cat@juggling act says :

    Oh that looks awesome – and freebies are always appreciated.

  3. Hayley says :

    Love those photos!

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