Another Macaroon giveaway

It seems that every time I see something new (or “old”) from Macaroon (the online stationery suppliers), I break into a sweat of excitement and wanting. Their new Tooth Fairy Kit and Tooth Mouse Kit make me want to be a child again so I can lose my teeth and “post” my tooth and letter to the Tooth Fairy or Tooth Mouse.

This week, I’m giving away a Tooth Fairy Kit. Here’s why I’m drooling…

To enter, tweet about this win, put it on your Facebook status, subscribe to this blog, and for an extra entry, go to the Macaroon page on Facebook and “like” it (if you already do, I’ll take that into account, promise).

Go to for more info.

And I’ll leave you with a taste of what the equally awesome Tooth Mouse Kit looks like..


15 responses to “Another Macaroon giveaway”

  1. Lizanne says :

    oh soooooo cute! Love this… I would extract my own teeth for this!

  2. Lizanne says :

    Oh and I like the Macaroon page ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tamiya says :

    How fabulous! Love that there’s a tooth mouse version as well, as that is generally the one we use in our house.

    Would be amazing for A1, who seems to be developing quite quickly (teeth-wise).

    I LOVE keeping the magic alive!

  4. Anje Robberts Hill says :

    Why wasnt this around when I was younger?! I love it and my little Ava will go crazy for it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked the Macaroon facebook page and have put it as my status.

  5. NickiD says :

    I waaaaaaant this!!!

  6. amalia appleton says :

    I am already subscribed, I tweeted, shared this on facebook and Liked Macaroon’s page! Holding thums to win this amazing prize!!

  7. cat@juggling act says :

    Ooh me wants this – I do subscribe, am goint to tweet right now and have just done the like thing for Macaroon’s facebook page (IRL name Rina Gous).

  8. Scared & Imperfect Mother says :

    I am already subscribed, I tweeted , shared this on facebook and I’m liking Macaroon’s page. Also I’m sharing this on my blog – Hopefully sending loads of people your way…

    I so want to win this one…

  9. Lauren says :

    I am officially in love with Macaroon!!!

  10. I am.. says :

    I love!!

  11. Justine says :

    Wow! My typed out notes from the tooth fairy pale in comparison!

  12. mozzie01 says :

    Too cute for words!

  13. Taryn says :

    So thrilled that you all love our tooth kits: You can shop for them directly on-line at:

  14. Annalize says :

    Awwww bless! Would be just in time for our second tooth loss ๐Ÿ™‚ Already “like” (read: LOVE) Macaroon on Facebook. Subscribed to your blog. FB status’d ๐Ÿ™‚

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