Wordless Wednesday – the writing’s on the wall

"Oh look. A wall. Therefore the perfect canvas for me and my whiteboard marker".

See what happens when Mom goes to the loo... the writing's on the wall!

At your paint station (disclaimer: please excuse quality of pic. It was not taken with an iPhone)

What happens when you're left alone with paint (disclaimer: please excuse poor quality of pic. It was not taken with an iPhone)

You’re the best, dude, and I don’t mind how many walls I need to clean, and paint I need to scrub!
xxxx Mom


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5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – the writing’s on the wall”

  1. taniaroux says :

    LOL at “excuse quality of pic, it was not taken with an iphone”
    As long as he was having fun 🙂

  2. Anonymous says :

    Hee Hee,
    Clearly we need to get you some fun chalk boards

  3. To Love Bella says :

    clearly i have alot more to look forward to than i thought!

    I remember a small patch on the wall in the passage of the house I grew up in that was never painted over – a little mark that i had made as a child. i think that if mom could’ve taken that piece of wall with her when she moved, she would’ve!

  4. cat@juggling act says :

    LOL! We all have that at some stage. Only thing I really need to mention – wax crayons were specially designed to test any paint surface. The do not come off.

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