A little gift for moms with babies

When I was a new mom, I made notes about Max’s sleeps and feeds, and when I went back to work, Mavis carried on keeping notes as it kept me in the loop with what was happening.

If it were around at the time, I totally would have used and rocked The Nanny Notebook, which I first heard of about a year ago through the magazine. It’s pretty (tick), cute (tick) and full of great subheads and checklists for you – or your nanny – to chart in (tick).

The new version comes in a pink or lime green cover (tick), and in filofax/organiser format, so that you can add notes/recipes/tips/articles to the diary. I love it!!!

I’m giving away one Nanny Notebook this week – to enter the draw, please comment below, and for a bonus entry to the draw, post this on Facebook or tweet about it.

For more info on The Nanny Notebook, go to http://www.thenannynotebook.com

Good luck. The winner will be announced on Friday.


20 responses to “A little gift for moms with babies”

  1. Liezl says :

    With my maternity leave drawing to a close in Dec how fab would this little gem be???? My son Evan’s new nanny will love it!!!

  2. kambabe says :

    What an awesome gift that would make for my daughters from a Grand mom to her Grand babies

  3. Kim Muller says :

    This is so cute! Love it!

    Shared on Facebook as well.

  4. Lizanne says :

    genius idea!!

  5. letticefamily says :

    What an awesome little book! If I don’t win it, I will be sure to have a look at my local bookshop 🙂

  6. Laura says :

    This is so uber cute!!!!!! I would love one!

  7. Shereen Hartnick says :

    What a awsome idea!

  8. sasha says :

    They look lovely!

  9. Hayley says :

    Okay, I’m not even a Mom yet, and this excites me!!!

  10. nickistormdadic says :

    AAAW! I need/want this!

  11. Scared & Imperfect Mother says :

    this is love!!! me want me need!!!!!

  12. Melinda says :

    how pretty. This would make me make notes

  13. Melinda says :

    Oh pretty! This would make me make notes

  14. Anonymous says :

    I’m going back to work soon and would LOVE a Nanny Notebook!!!

  15. Ann Stewart says :

    I’m going back to work soon and would LOVE a Nanny Notebook!!!

  16. mandimadeit says :

    Ohhhh, that looks amazing!!! I really think I neeeeeed this! 🙂

  17. Julia says :

    Very cute. I don’t need it but if I win it I will DEFINITELY gift it to someone. There are many people in my life having babies at the moment.

  18. Anonymous says :

    How awesome. my little girl has just been born so it would come in handy. I really need this 🙂

  19. Genevieve says :

    want for myself!!! love love love

  20. LaurenHamilton_ says :

    I heart this! Would come in really handy, as of the 1st October my little boy will be looked after by someone other than me while i’m at work 😦 this way we’ll always know what’s going on with our boy 🙂

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