Why I feel like I’ve passed a kidney stone

Dear Max

While I’ve fortunately never had a kidney stone or had to pass one (I believe they’re agony), I’m allowing myself dramatic licence when I say that after the weekend, it feels like I got rid of one. See, I was very very anxious about your transition to me on the weekend, and how you’d manage sleeping in a new house, and in your new Podo cot.

But dude, I think I underestimated your resilience, strength and wisdom, for you have taken to the change like you take to Flings and tomatoes and tomato sauce – really well. You have amazed me and I’m grateful for your ability to settle in new places so well. You’ve slept through all nights, you totter around like you’re going places (and you are), and you already know how to turn on the TV, identify all the animal magnets on the fridge, and point to the Hello Kitty clock saying “kitteeee”.

You are literally the light in the house and loving your new car (“caaaar caaaar caaaar”), sitting in your chair to eat breakfast rolled oats (redistributed from your mom’s bowl), and bathing with Shipmate bubbles and about 65 plastic toys.

Although our family is really small here, our love and the extended love you get (from school, from friends, from Serendipity) will go the distance for you.

Thank for a smooth transition. I sometimes think you have carried me and not the other way round.

I love you,


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7 responses to “Why I feel like I’ve passed a kidney stone”

  1. Tania says :

    Wow, this made me tear up. Sending you virtual hugs.

  2. Sharon says :

    So glad that the transition has gone smoothly. Nothing like dealing with change and a difficult toddler at the same time!

  3. nickistormdadic says :

    He is an incredible child with an equally incredible mother – you compliment each other in every way possible x

  4. Taryne Jakobi says :

    well done to both of you, at 40(ish) i still struggle to cope with change….

  5. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Thanks so much 🙂

  6. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Thanks a mil… I appreciate it

  7. Tanya Kovarsky says :

    Thank you so much… Really appreciate the support

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