Raise your glass

Dear Max

I’m kinda glad you’re more of a savoury dude than a sweet one, caus it means more gum sweets and Liquorice Allsorts for me. Seriously, I stocked up on a whole lot of sweets for the house under the guise of “they’re for my kid”, but actually it’s my hand that dips into the jars for Allsorts, Sparkles, Fizzers and gums. You love Chomps so there’s a jar with those – just for you.

When we moved, I went to the Consol glass shop in Woodmead and went mad bought some amazing storage containers with chalk labels. I’d seen them before in decor shoots, and I knew I had to have them for my own stash. I’ve had so much fun storing and eating and grazing from them, and at my next dinner party (which might be ages away since I hardly ever host), I’m totally whipping these out for dessert.

I’ve learnt that this week is Glass Week, done to promote the use of glass (it’s recyclable, versatile, looks good, stores items well, and contains no harmful chemicals like BPA). And let’s not forget, easy pantry finding!!!

The Sparkles contents are getting lower. And lower...

Who remembers the Chomp ad?

I don't eat these raw, honestly (this pic was taken with iPhone and using the Snapseed app for dramatic effect)



4 responses to “Raise your glass”

  1. Kim Muller says :

    I love those containers! Need to find some of those.

    I clearly remember that Chomp ad! hahahaha!

  2. Taryne Jakobi says :

    my container label would read “taryne you’ve had enough” 😦

  3. Bo says :

    I love those bottles! My granny used to make her own canned peaches and some of those bottles remind me of them.

  4. Hayley says :

    I have a few of those chalk ones too…and i adore that Consol shop!

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