Everything in your own time… for now

Dear Max

A while back I wrote a post on my worry about your speech – how you weren’t talking a lot, and whether I should intervene or let you learn speech in your own time.

Well, two weeks ago we went to the paed for your two-year checkup, and he didn’t seem worried about your lack of speech – we know you understand everything, and you’re happy and healthy, plus we were told that you are too young for speech intervention anyway. The doc said that you might not have a huge need to speak because you are being understood as you are.

You probably know about 25 words, and when you do say them, my heart still melts (even if it’s dada a hundred times over when you’re having a tantrum with me). Your latest words are poo and bum, and boy, are these funny. I think you see the humour too caus you also give a wry smile when you say them. So for now I’m trusting, chilling, trying to chill and loving listening to you (even the wails when I don’t buy something with wheels from the shops we go to).

High five Max!

Love Mom


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One response to “Everything in your own time… for now”

  1. cat@juggling act says :

    Sometimes they just need a wee bit more time.

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