No. Non. Nien.

Dear Max

Sometimes our conversations go something like this (for example, like what happened this afternoon):

Me, to a crying toddler: What’s wrong? Do you want something to eat? (naturally, being Jewish, this would be the first question. We generally like our food).
You: No (while shaking head)
Me: Do you want something to drinK?
You: No (while shaking head)
Me: Do you want some milk?
You: No (while shaking head)
Me: Do you want to come up?
You: No
Me: Would you like to visit Mavis?
You: No! (getting more irritated)
Me: Would you like to play on the iPad (after all, if it’s not food and drink and Mavis, it’s the iPad)
You: No
Me, getting a bit desperate: Would you like to watch CBeebies?
You: No! (getting more agitated)
Me: Would you like a little sleep?
You: No
Me: Would you like to build some Lego?
You: Noooo!
Me: Do you want to play with your trucks?
You: No….
Me: Max, I give up.
You: No!

And this is the thing, Max, I often have no idea what you want, how you want it, or when. Most of the time it’s a guessing game, and I’m in awe of moms who *know* what their babies and toddlers want the whole time, or who know what their babies’ cries mean. I read those books, but I couldn’t always figure out a wet nappy from hunger from fatigue from irritation! (any parents out there, like me?)

So dude, I’m sorry if I’m not always able to figure it out. I hope to get it right when you’re older, when it matters even more. When you have the words, but are too ashamed/scared/proud to say them. Until then, I’ll ask/guess/be dumbfounded/figure it out eventually.

You are THE cutest thing ever, even in a tantrum. Kinda.



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4 responses to “No. Non. Nien.”

  1. The Learner Mom says :

    Oh good, glad it’s not just me then. What truly terrifies me is when parents of older kids say, “oh wait…it gets so much harder.” It what?!

  2. Kim Muller says :

    You are not alone. I don’t know what my kid wants most of the time. And he’s only 9 months old. I still have a long time to go to figure things out/play guessing games….

  3. Vannessa says :

    That sounds SO much like me and my little one!!

  4. Sam says :

    You are def not alone – the only cry i know of Kades is his temper tantrum one – and the only reason i know it is cos its SO much more hectic than the rest of them 🙂

    You’re an awesome Mommy!

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