New York a year ago

Dear Max

This week a year ago we went to New York, to run the New York Marathon, which had long been a dream of mine, and which I unsuccessfully for a few year to get into. It was one of the greatest trips and experiences ever, and I want you to know that you can put a price on experience. It’s worth so much.

You were only 13 months old when we went, but you were really easy to travel with – you fitted in, you chilled, you explored, you slept, you ate, you drank foreign milk and you even took your first steps on that trip, when we were in Toronto.

Having fun after a loooong walk through New York

Oh look, below you is Toronto... (chilling out on the glass floor of the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing building in the world)

You tolerated the cold, didn’t complain getting bundled up for the outdoors, nor whinged when your mom spent long in the shops. You climbed museum steps, regarded exhibits, and went to more Starbucks than these fingers can count.

When in America...

The marathon was flawless and exhilarating and it was a privilege to run it. I loved the day and spent as long as possible taking pics, taking it in, and taking my proverbial hat off to the peeps of New York for organising a brilliant race and for all the support. It was a day and experience I hope to relive again – I’m just not ready to strike it off my bucket list yet.

It would have been criminal not to have taken this pic...

With the most awesome memories, and a heart full of longing, I remember what was, and hopefully what will be. Thanks for being a brilliant travel son.

Love Mom


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2 responses to “New York a year ago”

  1. Sam says :

    Looked like a trip of a lifetime… hopefully one that you can relive sometime 😉


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