It’s all about the head…er

Dear Max

We have an awesome new header, and a whole lot more to choose from, thanks to the brilliant Alexia Beswick who designed it, and to Celeste of Cilla Bloom Photography

More about them and the shoot next week.

Thanks gals!

Max, you’re fricking adorable in every form.


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6 responses to “It’s all about the head…er”

  1. Fiona says :

    Love your new header! Max is a cutie of note 🙂

  2. Lea-Anne Clayton says :

    its awesome… LOVE it… such a cutie pie!!!

  3. Taryne Jakobi says :

    Ahhhh! So I have just figured out what you mean about a new header ( I couldn’t) see it on the iPad… Now I realize I have to click at the bottom where it says view standard site, and voila, there is is… You Fab new header, very cool, and an awesome layout too… ( maybe that was there before?) well done all involved, it looks great 😉

  4. Sam says :

    It’s stunning – can’t wait to see the other options 😉

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