While you were bathing and watching CBeebies, I was shopping and socialising

Dear Max

Yesterday evening I went to the opening of Naartjie in Sandton City. You have lots of Naartjie clothing – it’s local, good quality, cute and totally handsome (if I can call it that?)

The new store is big and drool-worthy, and right near Zara, which is where the rest of my money will probably be going. I hung out with friends Nicki, Melinda, Sharon and Jenny, and we ogled over frilled skirts, newborn booties and babygrows, floral hats, and, and, and…

We each got a voucher to spend (woohoo!), and I got you a one-piece swimming cozzie, and a beautiful patterned quilt, which we featured in Living and Loving before – proceeds from each sale goes to disadvantaged communities. I cannot wait to snuggle with you under the quilt reading Dr Seuss and telling stories.

Here are some pics…

Taking a breather between shopping... Melinda, Nicki and moi

Spotted... the cutest newborn feet at the function. Little Mika Dadic


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3 responses to “While you were bathing and watching CBeebies, I was shopping and socialising”

  1. Sharon says :

    It was a divine divine divine experience! Thanks to Naarjtie for including us. I did a good job of spending out my credit card but it was so worth it when I showed Ava my purchases this morning and heard her exclamations of Oh Wow! Wow! Wow! She then proceeded to eat her breakfast while wearing her new hat!

  2. cat@juggling act says :

    Super jealous. That’s all.

  3. Fiona says :

    Oh. My. Word. Not another Naartjie to spend my hard earned cash. It’s so worth it though, they have the most adorable clothes, shoes, quilts and those teddy’s are to die for!

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