End-of-week observations

Dear Max

Some observations from the week:

– Adopting a dog from the SPCA or any welfare organisation is a good thing to do
– The new section of Sandton City is amazeballs
– When someone is feeling guilty, or they know they’ve been shits, or they are very small, they can’t look you in the eye, and it’s hard for them to greet you
– Whisky Live is fun, and I now have a penchant for Glenmorangie
– We have a beautiful new dog (more to follow soon)
– I think I need a stern talk with myself, and Woolworths chocolate chip yoghurt. OMG. I think I have a problem stopping at just small carton. In fact, it’s pretty much futile just buying one
– It was pointed out to me that I have 20G of apps on my iPad

Til next week,


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