The world’s most stupid toy?

Dear Max

Would I buy this for you? Would I even add to a present wishlist for you? Probably not. Here’s why:
– It’s called Doggie Doo
– It is essentially a plastic toy dog that passes gas and then poops out a soft, colourful and non-toxic claylike substance
– How it works? Children take turns feeding clay pellets to a plastic dog. Then they roll a die to determine how many times they’ll squeeze the dog’s leash. The leash is really a pump, and each squeeze pushes the “food” through the dog’s digestive system. After many pumps and presumably, it comes out the other end and the child uses a plastic shovel to collect the poop. The first child to collect three pieces of poo wins.
– It’s supposed to teach kids how to look after dogs and pick up their poop (Max, if I wanted to do this, I’d give you Gina’s pooper scooper and take you around our garden picking up crapola).

And another sh*tty thing – it costs $29.99 overseas.


via John Kass,


2 responses to “The world’s most stupid toy?”

  1. Andrea says :

    BAHAHAHAHA – that is revolting!

  2. TJ says :

    This is beyond stupid! Really? Could they not come up with a better idea for a toy?

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