Focus here… very carefully

Do you want to help me raise money for the SPCA, and boost me along on an awesome blogging initiative, run by Ford Focus?

Here’s all you need to know:
– Ford Focus is running a blogger face-off called #FocusMyFunds. Each blogger will go around in a Ford Focus for one day trying to raise money.
– Ford will match that money raised up to R10 000 and will donate it to the charity of the blogger’s choice (in my case, SPCA, because that’s where I just got my rescue dog, and where my heart is leaning towards a lot).
– My day in the Ford Focus is happening on Tuesday 22 November.
– To raise money, I’ve decided to run with the Ford. Yes – I’ll be running with my designated Ford Focus and driver, and am asking for sponsorship for each kilometre I run (I will be using a GPS to mark my kilometres run, and will live Tweet).
– So if you sponsor me for R10 a kilometre, and I run 20km, then you’ll be paying a total of R200.
– All you need to do is pledge, and then pay afterwards (EFT probably best).
– As in incentive to pledge, I am offering three prizes from my own pocket to random pledgers (ie it won’t be based on the amount you give, but rather every pledger will be entered into the random draw). Up for grabs:
R500 Woolworths voucher, R250 Woolworths voucher, and R150 Woolworths voucher (I’ve kept prizes quite broad so that it isn’t just open to Jhb peeps).
– You can pledge via Twitter (@TanyaKovarsky), on my Facebook profile, or via email ( Please use the hashtag #FocusMyFunds when you pledge. I promise to make mention of every donor (unless you don’t want a mention).

Please help a good cause. Please.

Thank you to the following sponsors so far… you guys rock!!!
– Debbie Elrick
– Sharon van Wyk
– Sam Choles
– Rachel Amar
– Sam Curley-Young
– Saul Kropman
– David Abramowitz
– Warren Narotzky
– Ivyann Schofield
– Clive Ho
– Nicki Dadic
– Larry Zunde
– Rodney Plett
– Jaci Schultz
– Vanessa Lewis
– Keri Swift
– Nicki Stevenson


2 responses to “Focus here… very carefully”

  1. Saul Kropman (@saulkza) says :

    I’ll pledge 20 bucks a kilometer!

    (This isn’t a Comrades training run right?)

  2. shane says :

    cant wait for my details about sponsorship and seeing you soon

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